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I am a versatile communication consultant with over 15 years experience helping people and organizations develop their project across Europe and Asia.

Experienced writer, certified movement instructor and avid traveller, my mission is to act as a bridge of languages, cultures and sustainable approaches to life, ensuring communication quality and experience authenticity.


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What my clients say about me

A Warrior

A WARRIOR Photo courtesy of Damon Wilder A warrior can be fully trusted, because he will never deceive those who have believed in him. A warrior reassure others by his

Indonesia: Art Everywhere

INDONESIA – ART EVERYWHERE Published on Gili Life   Indonesia is a treasure-chest of art forms. With over 17,000 islands, art is the expression of the archipelago’s hundreds of tribal

The Ocean: the world’s largest habitat

  The Ocean: the world’s largest habitat   Connect yourself to the depths of the ocean, where there are no waves. The deeper you go, the more you’ll find stillness,

Barbers & Suspenders: the real Vintage Look

BARBERS & SUSPENDERS THE REAL VINTAGE LOOK   Published on Wiseguy Suspenders In the last few years barber shops have been experiencing a revival, becoming cool places where to hang

Acroyoga Ninja Star variations

ACROYOGA NINJA STAR VARIATIONS We put together a few variations of the infamous AcroYoga Ninja Star washing machine. The game was to play on the different axis and plans, trying

Suspenders: functionality and trend throughout history

SUSPENDERS FUNCTIONALITY & TREND THROUGHOUT HISTORY   Published on Wiseguy Suspenders Few man’s garments have made as many appearances in different times of history as suspenders. Known as “braces” in

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