Bio & Certifications

I am a versatile multi-linguistic communication consultant with over 15 years experience helping people and organizations develop their project across Europe and Asia.


I am a professional writer and translator with a Master’s Degree in Translation & Conference Interpreting, Language proficiency & Digital Marketing certifications and a passion for sustainability.

My mission is to act as a bridge of languages, cultures, good practices and sustainable approaches to life.


Curiosity and interest in human cultures and the environment encouraged me to start exploring the world at a very young age and I now have over 20 years of independent travelling experience. I have lived, studied and worked in 15 countries across 3 continents, always preferring long-term immersions to short tourist visits. I have worked for institutions & independently, remotely and in a team, on small and big projects and mingled with local communities in some of the most popular and some of the most remote places on Earth. I have taken part in projects with strong environmental and social impact, written about the world we live in and the world we would like to build, organised events and created experiences that resonate over time. This way of life has taught me to relate to people of diverse cultures and opened the doors to experts of any path of life.


I translate, interpret, subtitle, write about and create meaningful experiences for any kind of people and budget in the name of sustainability. I offer my services to organizations, institutions, and mindful individuals involved in environmental, social and arts of movement projects. I work with youth trainers, social workers, gender equality organisations, sustainability professionals, eco-properties, Ngos, refugee communities, education centres and more to actively contribute to make a significant, transformative impact towards inclusive, multicultural and sustainable societies. I have a passion for jungle treks and circus shows, I love cooking and being the Mama of my baby girl.

Margeye - Arts of Movement & Sustainability

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