The Ocean: the world’s largest habitat

  The Ocean: the world’s largest habitat   Connect yourself to the depths of the ocean, where there are no waves. The deeper you go, the more you’ll find stillness, calmness, grounding. – Sadhvi Bhagavati Saraswati – Published on Gili Life The Blue Planet We tend to call the planet we live on “the Earth”, […]

Teak: Indonesia’s Precious Wood

TEAK WOOD INDONESIA’S PRECIOUS RESOURCE PUBLISHED ON GILI LIFE Wood is a fascinating material, unparalleled in its beauty and functionality. Whether burnt for heat, carved for construction or worshipped as sacred, wood is no ordinary material. Mankind has exploited its countless properties for thousand of years; even today, wood remains one of the most valued […]

Sustainable holidays – Earthship in West Sumbawa

  SUSTAINABLE HOLIDAYS – EARTHSHIP IN WEST SUMBAWA   Published on Bali&Beyond Photos by and Fakeye It is 11pm and the light goes off. The electricity supply for the day is finished and we are ready to go to bed. It is been a long day, exploring and identifying dive sites around the Eight […]

Reef life

REEF LIFE   Published on Gili Life Connections and Relations in the Coral Reef Coral reefs are some of the most diverse and productive ecosystems in the world, supporting an enormous community of life in and out of the water. In this varied community, the activity of each member influences and is influenced by the […]

The Moon

THE MOON Published on Gili Life Time and tide wait for no man – Geoffrey Chaucer STRUCK BY THE MOON The transition from the brightness of a full moon to the darkness of a moonless night has fascinated peoples and influenced beliefs throughout history. The rhythms of the lunar cycles remain a vital reference for […]

Sustainable Travel: Take only Pictures, Leave only Footprints

SUSTAINABLE TRAVEL: TAKE ONLY PICTURES, LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS Sustainable Travel is the management of all resources in such a way that economic, social, and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity, and life support systems. – The World Tourism Organization As travelling becomes accessible to more and more […]

A data trove to support a hoped-for shark sanctuary in Indonesia

The sun is rising behind Mount Rinjani as a group of divers boards a boat to Shark Point, a spot popular among sea turtles and reef sharks on the north side of this small island in the Gili Matra marine preserve. They are going on a survey dive to record sightings of the sea creatures, with the hope this data will support the effort to establish Indonesia’s first shark sanctuary — a fully protected marine area where all commercial fishing, possession and trade of shark species and their products are prohibited.


Komodo dragon Native of Komodo, Flores, it is a protected species and the largest living lizard. It is also a fierce predator; the toxins in its saliva cause their victims to go into shock and prevent their blood from clotting. Dragon de Komodo Originaire de Komodo, Flores, c’est une espèce protégée et le plus grand […]

Cashew nuts – a yummy recipe for health

With their cute appearance resembling a friendly hug or a chubby half moon, cashew nuts are some of the most loved nuts of all times, in particular because of their uncountable health benefits and diverse culinary uses. Originally from Brazil, the cashew tree is widely cultivated in Eastern Indonesia and represents an important crop for […]

Durian, the King of Fruits – Le Durian, le Roi des fruits

  DURIAN THE KING OF FRUITS   You either love it or hate it. The strong smell, the sticky texture and the deep colour remind some people of the delights of heaven and some others of rotten onions. The taste has been compared to french-kissing a corpse, but durian remains the favourite fruit of many […]